Readers ask: What Is A Frankie Indian Food?

What is a Frankie?

What is a Frankie? At its essence, a Frankie is a roti or chappati, with a layer of egg inside, smeared with a sauce or chutney, and then filled with whatever leftovers you have around.

What is Frankie made of?

Frankie is a wrap made with various stuffings and served as a street food snack served in various parts of India. A vegetarian frankie usually includes assorted toppings of veggie stir fry, legumes, paneer, cheese, potato tikki, veg cutlet, lentils kabab. You can also add any other leftover vegetable as a filling.

Why is it called Frankie?

It was not until the second kiosk was set up in downtown Colaba (then a shopping hub) that ‘Frankie’ in its current avatar was born and became a rage — the name was dreamed up by Amarjit Tibb and his friends after West Indian cricketer Frank Worrell, and was later registered as a trademark of Tibbs.

Is Frankie good for health?

No, it’s not healthy. Made from a roti of plain flour and whole wheat flour. Stuffing is of potatoes and has lots of seasoning and Indian spices.

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What do you eat with Frankie?

Generously spread the tortilla with the curry mashed potatoes. Then top the Curry Mashed Potatoes with the roasted Indian cauliflower, chickpeas, spinach, colantro chutney and pickled onions. Wrap it up like a burrito, and serve warm.

What is difference between Frankie and Kathi Roll?

Kathi roll has a stuffing of assorted veggies, cheese, meat, paneer, soya and a melange of spices, on the other hand frankie has a cutlet which is made of veggies, cottage cheese and is seasoned with a combination of sauces.

Who invented Frankie?

Frankies were invented by entrepreneur Amarjit Tibb and were not named after the frankfurter, but after Frank Worrell, the famed cricketer and captain of the West Indies cricket team that was often pitted against India in the late 1950s.

What is kathai in the name of the popular dish Kathi Kabab?

Today, mostly any wrap containing a filling enfolded in an Indian flatbread (roti) is called a kati roll. In native Bengali, the word Kati roughly translates to “Stick”, referring to how they were originally made. In Bengal though, the delicacy is simply known as “roll”.

Is Frankie a full name?

Frankie, also spelled Franky, is sometimes a given name, but more often it is a hypocorism, an affectionate variation of a personal name, usually Frank or Francis (for males) or Frances or Francine (for females).

What country is the name Frankie from?

Form of Frank, a short form of Francis, which is an English form of the Italian name Francesco, from the Latin Franciscus, meaning “French”. Frankie Muniz plays the lead character, Malcolm, in the American TV sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle”.

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Is Frankie a girl or boy?

The name Frankie is a boy’s name. Frankie is used in almost equal numbers for girls and boys these days. Fun fact: in 2015, it ranked Number 992 for both genders in the US. It is a highly popular boys’ name in England and Wales.

Can you lose weight eating Frankie?

The Frankie veg roll is high in vitamin C that defends against flu and vitamin B1 that protects nerves and facilitates metabolism. You might also want to weigh in the fact that the veg Frankie should not be consumed excessively by diabetics, heart patients, and overweight individuals.

How many calories are there in Pani Puri?

Nutritional facts of pani puri The calorie count for a plate of 5 or 6 pani puris is 150- 180 calories.

How much calories are in a sandwich?

With fillings, most sandwiches hit 600 to 900 calories and 1,000 to 2,500 mg of sodium. In contrast, a full salad starts with greens (maybe even spinach) and raw veggies. With dressing, chicken, cheese, and other usual add-ons, the totals typically hit 400 to 600 calories.

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