Readers ask: What Drinks Go With Indian Food?

What do you drink with Indian curry?

Perfect Pairings: Drinking with curry

  • Lassi. This yoghurt-based drink – a traditional way to keep cool and fed on the Subcontinent – bursts with taste combinations, a world away from bland beer.
  • Whisky.
  • IPA.
  • Wine.
  • Cider.

What drink goes with curry?

You need: Cognac + Ginger Ale A classic VS or VSOP cognac with a 150ml of ginger ale and ice is just perfect with a medium to hot, meaty curry like a Rogan Josh or a rice dish with mince meat and spice, like a Biryani. Avoid ginger beer as it will be too sweet, so ale is the way forward.

What kind of wine goes well with Indian food?

Meat curries match well with a red such as a full-bodied Pinot Noir or more delicate Shiraz. Chicken, seafood, and vegetable curries, on the other hand, go quite nicely with the acidity and fruitiness of a Pinot Grigio or Gewürztraminer. Again, make sure to keep the sauce and spice level in mind.

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What do Indian people drink with dinner?

Indian people usually drink plain water with meals, although occasionally they might opt for lassi, a drink of thinned yogurt that might be salty or sweet. Chai is a popular hot drink in the north, while those in the south of India more often enjoy coffee with condensed milk.

Which brand beer is best in India?

Top 10 Beer brands in India

  1. Kingfisher. Kingfisher beer is India’s greatest selling beer brand with commanding market dominance and is widely popular among Young beer lovers.
  2. Carlsberg.
  3. Budweiser.
  4. Tuborg.
  5. Heineken.
  6. Foster’s.
  7. Corona Extra.
  8. Haywards 5000.

What drink goes with chicken tikka masala?

Chicken tikka masala Some of the wines that match well with tikka dishes are Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, sweet Riesling, Syrah, Beaujolais, red and white Cotes du Rhone or Rhone-style wines.

What can I serve with Thai curry instead of rice?

The only rice alternative that is low carb is cauliflower rice, OR shiritaki rice. Neither are carb-free, but as far as I know, the net carbs are 1 to 3 grams. cauliflower rice is perfect for curry. Normally it will retain a little bitter raw cauliflower taste, but strong flavors like currys totally overpower it.

Is Viognier good with curry?

Viognier works really well with creamy curries, but it would also be great with Yotam’s buttery, peppery parmesan-braised chickpeas. Choose a young vintage, ideally, because viognier can get slightly oily as it ages.

What do you drink with chicken curry?

Dry, rich whites with mild creamy curries: Fruity, unoaked or lightly oaked Chardonnay, like those from Australia or cooler parts of California have enough body to pair with creamier curries. If you don’t mind exceptionally floral, fragrant wines, try Gewürztraminer, which smells like rose petals and tropical fruit.

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What wine is good with spicy food?

Pick light-bodied, fruit-forward, low-alcohol reds. Avoid red wines with high levels of tannin and oak, as those will make the spicy food seem all the spicier. Lower tannin reds like Gamay, Zweigelt, Schiava, and some Pinot Noirs are great served slightly chilled.

What do vegetarians eat with red wine?

7 Red Wine-Friendly Vegetarian Dishes

  • Vegan Enchiladas. Vegan Enchiladas.
  • Miso-Roasted Eggplants with Tomatoes, Dill, Shiso and Black Vinegar.
  • Fried Tofu with Spicy Ginger-Sesame Sauce.
  • Green-Lentil Curry.
  • Ratatouille Tart.
  • Eggplant & Porcini “Meatballs” in Tomato Sauce.
  • Fusilli with Artichoke Hearts with Parmesan Cream.

What are Indian desserts?

Here are some of the most delicious Indian desserts that you need to try on your visit to the country.

  • Laddu. Laddu is the most popular festive treat in India.
  • Kheer.
  • Gulab jamun.
  • Gajar ka halwa.
  • Sandesh.
  • Rasgulla.
  • Kaju barfi.
  • Kulfi.

What is the national drink of India?

Tea is India’s national drink. 4

What is India’s favorite drink?

Tea is India’s most popular drink – the country consumes 837,000 tonnes of it every year. The ritual of drinking chai transcends all boundaries, and roadsides are dotted with chai wallahs who serve it boiled up with spices, sugar and milk.

What are popular Indian drinks?

List: 10 typical Indian drinks

  • Masala Chai.
  • Filter coffee (Kaapi)
  • Lassi.
  • Masala Chaas.
  • Paneer Soda.
  • Toddy.
  • Aam Panna.
  • Nimbu Pani.

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